Examples API

Description #

<sp-truncated> renders a line of text, truncating it if it overflows its container. When overflowing, a tooltip is automatically created that renders the entire non-truncated content.

It is used like a <span> to contain potentially-long strings that are important for users to see, even when in small containers, like full names and email addresses.

Usage #

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yarn add @spectrum-web-components/truncated

Import the side effectful registration of <sp-truncated> via:

import '@spectrum-web-components/truncated/sp-truncated.js';

When looking to leverage the Truncated base class as a type and/or for extension purposes, do so via:

import { Truncated } from '@spectrum-web-components/truncated';

Example #

    This will truncate into a tooltip if there isn't enough space for it.

With specific overflow content #

By default, tooltip text will be extracted from overflowing content. To provide your own overflow content, slot it into "overflow":

<sp-truncated placement="right">
    This is the inline content
    <span slot="overflow">
        And this overflow content will go into the tooltip, on the right