Examples API

Attributes and Properties #

Property Attribute Type Default Description
active active boolean false
autofocus autofocus boolean false When this control is rendered, focus it automatically
dir dir 'ltr' | 'rtl' 'ltr'
disabled disabled boolean false Disable this control. It will not receive focus or events
download download string | undefined
href href string | undefined
label label string | undefined
quiet quiet Style this button to be less obvious
rel rel string | undefined
size size ElementSize
tabIndex tabIndex number The tab index to apply to this control. See general documentation about the tabindex HTML property
target target '_blank' | '_parent' | '_self' | '_top' | undefined
treatment treatment ButtonTreatments 'fill' The visual variant to apply to this button.
type type 'button' | 'submit' | 'reset' 'button'
variant variant ButtonVariants The visual variant to apply to this button.

Slots #

Name Description
default slot text label of the Button
icon The icon to use for Button

Description #

An <sp-button> represents an action a user can take. sp-buttons can be clicked or tapped to perform an action or to navigate to another page. sp-buttons in Spectrum have several variations for different uses and multiple levels of loudness for various attention-getting needs.

Usage #

See it on NPM! How big is this package in your project? Try it on webcomponents.dev

yarn add @spectrum-web-components/button

Import the side effectful registration of <sp-button> or <sp-clear-button> as follows:

import '@spectrum-web-components/button/sp-button.js';
import '@spectrum-web-components/button/sp-clear-button.js';
import '@spectrum-web-components/button/sp-close-button.js';

When looking to leverage the Button, ClearButton, or CloseButton base classes as a type and/or for extension purposes, do so via:

import { Button, ClearButton, CloseButton } from '@spectrum-web-components/button';

Sizes #

<sp-button size="s">Small</sp-button>
<sp-button size="m">Medium</sp-button>
<sp-button size="l">Large</sp-button>
Extra Large
<sp-button size="xl">Extra Large</sp-button>

Variants #

There are many button variants to choose from in Spectrum. The variant attribute controls the main variant of the button, and a few other boolean attributes can be combined to apply sub-variants, e.g. quiet.

Normal #

<sp-button variant="cta">CTA</sp-button>
<sp-button variant="primary">Primary</sp-button>
<sp-button variant="secondary">Secondary</sp-button>
<sp-button variant="negative">Negative</sp-button>

Quiet #

<sp-button quiet variant="primary">Quiet Primary</sp-button>
<sp-button quiet variant="secondary">Quiet Secondary</sp-button>
<sp-button quiet variant="negative">Quiet Negative</sp-button>

Content #

<sp-buttons> can have a label, or a label with an icon. An icon is provided by placing an icon component to the icon slot. The icon may be an sp-icon or an SVG.

<sp-button variant="primary">Label only</sp-button>
<sp-button variant="primary">
<sp-icon-help slot="icon"></sp-icon-help>
Icon + Label
<sp-button variant="primary">
viewBox="0 0 36 36"

d="M16 36a4.407 4.407 0 0 0 4-4h-8a4.407 4.407 0 0 0 4 4zm9.143-24.615c0-3.437-3.206-4.891-7.143-5.268V3a1.079 1.079 0 0 0-1.143-1h-1.714A1.079 1.079 0 0 0 14 3v3.117c-3.937.377-7.143 1.831-7.143 5.268C6.857 26.8 2 26.111 2 28.154V30h28v-1.846C30 26 25.143 26.8 25.143 11.385z"
SVG Icon + Label

States #

In addition to the variant, <sp-buttons> have a disabled state visual state which can be applied by adding the attribute disabled. All spectrum-button variants support the In addition to affectng the visual state, the disabled attribute prevents focus and disallows click events.

<sp-button variant="primary">Normal</sp-button>
<sp-button variant="primary" disabled>Disabled</sp-button>

Handling events #

Events handlers for clicks and other user actions can be registered on a <sp-button> as on a standard HTML <button> element.

<sp-button onclick="spAlert(this, '<sp-button> clicked!')">Click me</sp-button>

Autofocus #

The autofocus attribute sets focus to the <sp-button> when the component mounts. This is useful for setting focus to a specific sp-button when a popover or dialog opens.

<sp-button autofocus>Confirm</sp-button>