Examples API

Attributes and Properties #

Property Attribute Type Default Description autocomplete autocomplete | HTMLInputElement['autocomplete'] | HTMLTextAreaElement['autocomplete'] | undefined 'none' What form of assistance should be provided when attempting to supply a value to the form control disabled disabled boolean false Disable this control. It will not receive focus or events grows grows boolean false Whether a form control delivered with the `multiline` attribute will change size vertically to accomodate longer input invalid invalid boolean false Whether the `value` held by the form control is invalid. label label string '' A string applied via `aria-label` to the form control when a user visible label is not provided. maxlength maxlength number -1 Defines the maximum string length that the user can enter minlength minlength number -1 Defines the minimum string length that the user can enter multiline multiline boolean false Whether the form control should accept a value longer than one line name name string | undefined Name of the form control. open open boolean false Whether the listbox is visible. options options ComboboxOption[] | undefined An array of options to present in the Menu provided while typing into the input pattern pattern string | undefined Pattern the `value` must match to be valid placeholder placeholder string '' Text that appears in the form control when it has no value set quiet quiet boolean false Whether to display the form control with no visible background readonly readonly boolean false Whether a user can interact with the value of the form control required required boolean false Whether the form control will be found to be invalid when it holds no `value` rows rows number -1 The specific number of rows the form control should provide in the user interface tabIndex tabIndex number The tab index to apply to this control. See general documentation about the tabindex HTML property valid valid boolean false Whether the `value` held by the form control is valid. value value string | number The value held by the form control

Slots #

Name Description default slot Supply Menu Item elements to the default slot in order to populate the available options tooltip Tooltip to to be applied to the the Picker Button

Events #

Name Type Description change Event An alteration to the value of the element has been committed by the user. input Event The value of the element has changed.

Description #

An <sp-combobox> allows users to filter lists to only the options matching a query. It's composed of a textfield, a picker button, and child menu items.

Usage #

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yarn add @spectrum-web-components/combobox

Import the side effectful registration of <sp-combobox> via:

import '@spectrum-web-components/combobox/sp-combobox.js';

When looking to leverage the Combobox base class as a type and/or for extension purposes, do so via:

import { Combobox } from '@spectrum-web-components/combobox';

Sizes #

<sp-combobox size="s" label="Color">
    <sp-menu-item value="red">Red</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="green">Green</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="blue">Blue</sp-menu-item>
<sp-combobox size="m" label="Color">
    <sp-menu-item value="red">Red</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="green">Green</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="blue">Blue</sp-menu-item>
<sp-combobox size="l" label="Color">
    <sp-menu-item value="red">Red</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="green">Green</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="blue">Blue</sp-menu-item>
Extra Large
<sp-combobox size="xl" label="Color">
    <sp-menu-item value="red">Red</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="green">Green</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="blue">Blue</sp-menu-item>

Labeling #

A combobox must be labeled. Typically, you should render a visible label via <sp-field-label>. For exceptional cases, provide an accessible label via the label attribute.

<sp-field-label for="color">Color</sp-field-label>
<sp-combobox id="color">
    <sp-menu-item value="red">Red</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="green">Green</sp-menu-item>
    <sp-menu-item value="blue">Blue</sp-menu-item>

Providing options #

Combobox options are presented as a popup menu. Menu items can be provided via markup as <sp-menu-item> children, or by assigning an array to the options property of an <sp-combobox>.

Options property #

Instead of providing <sp-menu-item> children, you can assign an array of ComboboxOptions to the options property, and <sp-combobox> will create matching menu items:

<sp-combobox id="color" label="Color"></sp-combobox>

    document.getElementById('color').options = [
        { value: "red", itemText: "Red" },
        { value: "green", itemText: "Green" },
        { value: "blue", itemText: "Blue" }

Dynamic options #

When you replace the options Array, or add/remove <sp-menu-item> children, the <sp-combobox> will detect that change and update its popup menu contents. For example, using Lit:

render() {
    return html`<sp-combobox label="Color" .options=${this.colorOptions}></sp-combobox>`;

mutate() {
    this.colorOptions = [
        { value: 'purple', itemText: 'Purple' }

Autocomplete #

The text in an <sp-combobox> is editable, and the string the user has typed in will become the value of the combobox unless the user selects a different value in the popup menu.

None #


The suggested popup menu items will remain the same regardless of the currently-input value. Whenever the currently-typed input exactly matches the value of a popup menu item, that item is automatically selected.

List #


The popup menu items are filtered to only those completing the currently-input value.

Focus and Accessibility #

The combobox supports both mouse and keyboard navigation. Mobile behavior is currently unspecified.

When an <sp-combobox> is focused, pressing the down arrow moves focus to the first menu item in the popup menu. The up and down arrows then move between available menu items.

The escape key dismisses the popup menu if open. Otherwise, it clears the combobox's textfield.

The enter key sets the value of the focused <sp-combobox>. If the popup menu is open, the value is set to the value of the selected menu item, returning focus back to the combobox's textfield.