Property Filter Component

  • Component title: Property Filter
  • Component group: Asset Share Commons - search
  • Released with version 1.0.0
  • Last updated in version 1.3.0

Property filter component

The Property Filter component displays controls that allow an end-user to refine search’s based on pre-defined Asset property restrictions.

Filters can either be single select or multi-select; at this time only checkboxes support multi-select.


Dialog / Filter tab

Property filter dialog


The form controls to display for this filter.

  • Checkboxes (Multi select)
  • Radio buttons (Single select)
  • Drop-down (Single select)
  • Slider (Single select)
  • Toggle (Single select)


Label for the filter.

Metadata Property

List of Asset metadata properties available for filtering.

  • Labels/Properties are derived from available Metadata Schemas
  • Lightning icon (⚡) indicates this property is optimized for search.
  • Turtle icon (🐢) indicates this property is NOT optimized for search.


The search operation to perform between the Metadata Property and Option(s).

  • Equals
    • Metadata property exactly matches value
  • Does not equals
    • Metadata property does not matches value

Start Expanded

Select to initially display the component filter in an expanded mode, showing the selection options.


Enumerates available filter options (ie. values)

  • Local
    • User-defined list of Labels and comma delimited values.
    • Comma delimited values are evaluated as OR’s.
    • Active: Check to default this value to selected.
    • Disabled: Check to prevent users from changing this selection.
  • Datasource
    • Sling resource type for the Granite UI DataSource to populate the options.
    • This resource type is implemented and provided by the IT delivery team.

Dialog / Search Behavior tab

Search Behavior dialog

Auto-Search on Change (v1.3.0)

Select to automatically trigger as search any time the selected value changes.

Specifies if the component’s view should be refreshed after each search.

  • Never
    • The Default value.
    • Do not replace the view of the component on search.
    • Typically set to Never unless the search options vary based on the current search state.
  • Replace
    • Replace the view of the component on search.

Technical details

  • Component: /apps/asset-share-commons/components/search/property
  • Sling Model:

This filter implements a wrapped version of AEM Query Builder’s JcrPropertyPredicateEvaluator. The Asset Share Commons’ provided predicate wrapper ( allows for the values to be provided as comma-delimited values to be transformed into #_value parameters for evaluation by AEM’s JcrPropertyPredicateEvaluator;

Example generated Query Builder predicate output: