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Extend Theme Styles mini-tutorial

This mini-tutorial builds upon the Extend Search Results Renderer mini-tutorial

LESS and CSS updates should be made in the Semantic UI Theme client library if updating the style for a Semantic UI element (label, card, button, etc…). The Status indicator makes use of the Semantic UI Label element.

1. Add ‘New’ and ‘Updated’ Color Variables

Add new color variables for @newStatusColor and @updatedStatusColor in your clientlib-theme’s global/theme.variables file. As a best practice it is recommended to place any color variables related to the theme in this file.

Add the following to the bottom of /apps/sample-assetshare/clientlibs/clientlib-theme/semanticui-sample/themes/dark/globals/theme.variables. We can re-use the primary color for the Update status and the New status will be a blue.


/* Status Labels */
@newStatusColor : #2185D0;
@updatedStatusColor : @primaryColor;

2. Update label.overrides in theme

The concept of a “Status” label is new, and so add a new rule to label.overrides file beneath the dark theme folder: /apps/sample-assetshare/clientlibs/clientlib-theme/semanticui-sample/themes/dark/elements/label.overrides.

/* Status Labels */

/* Uppercase all status */
.ui.status.labels .label,
.ui.status.label {
	text-transform: uppercase;

/* New Status */
.ui.status.newstatus.labels .label,
.ui.status.newstatus.label {
  background-color: @newStatusColor !important;
  border-color: @newStatusColor !important;
  color: @white !important;

/* Updated Status */
.ui.status.updatedstatus.labels .label,
.ui.status.updatedstatus.label {
  background-color: @updatedStatusColor !important;
  border-color: @updatedStatusColor !important;
  color: @textColor !important;

3. Verify Changes

Deploy updates to the clientlibs to AEM. Occasionally LESS are not picked up automatically by AEM client libraries. In order to force an update: delete the clientlib-theme folder benath /var: /var/clientlibs/apps/sample-assetshare/clientlibs/clientlib-theme.

Card status with new styles - center

List status with new styles - center

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