Light and Dark themes

Asset Share Commons ships with two themes Light and Dark.

After installing the ui.content package to a local AEM instance

Introduction to Theming Video

Theming Video - center

A short video introduction to theming in Asset Share Commons can be viewed here.


Page Design Policy dialog

The client libraries for each theme are included in the page via the Page Design of an editable template. Asset Share Commons templates can be viewed on a localhost here.

  • Dark Theme ClientLib: asset-share-commons.semantic-ui-dark
  • Light Theme ClientLib: asset-share-commons.semantic-ui-light

Semantic UI

Semantic UI web framework is used for most front-end UI elements in Asset Share Commons. The LESS only distribution of Semantic UI has been ported into AEM as several client libraries. The theming in Asset Share Commons is heavily based on theming in Semantic UI.

Theme Client Library Structure

Below is the client library structure for the asset-share-commons.semantic-ui-light.


    /assets (fonts and images included here)
    /definitions (Semantic UI LESS distribution, files should NEVER be modified here)
        /default (default Semantic UI theme)
        /light   (Asset Share Commons theme, files beneath this directory are intended to be modified) 
                + theme.variables (color scheme variables, override these first)
                + site.variables  (full site variables, includes theme.variables at bottom of file)
    + theme.config (configuration for which theme to use per element)
    + theme.less   (overlays custom variables to override default styles)

Each LESS file beneath the definition folder goes through the following resolution before the final CSS is compiled. For example:

menu.less (../semanticui-light/definitions/collections/menu.less)

  1. Default Theme Site Variables ../themes/default/globals/site.variables
  2. Light Theme Site Variables ../themes/light/globals/site.variables + theme.variables
  3. Default Element Variables ../themes/default/collections/menu.variables
  4. Light Element Variables ../themes/light/
  5. menu.less actual less file
  6. Default Element Overrides ../themes/default/collections/menu.overrides
  7. Light Element Overrides ../themes/light/

As a best practice .variables files should be changed in the custom theme folder (in the above case light) to override style attributes. Only if an additional style is required should the .overrides file be used/modified. Due to the nature of LESS compiliation in AEM a .variables and a .overrides file is required each time an element needs to be changed by the theme (even if these files are empty).

More information about theming in Semantic UI..