Metadata Component

  • Component title: Metadata
  • Component group: Asset Share Commons - asset details
  • Released with version 1.0.0

Metadata component - Center

The Metadata component displays a single metdata property for a given asset. Metadata types of Text, Date, Number, and Boolean are supported along with an optional label to identify the property displayed. Computed properties are also supported.


Dialog / Configuration

Text metadata type - Dialog

Hide Label

Select to hide the metadata label.


Text to identify the property being displayed. Will be hidden if the Hide Label select box is selected.

Empty Text

(Optional) Text to render if the metadata property cannot be found on the current asset. If the Empty Text field is left empty AND the metadata property on the current asset is not found the entire component will be hidden.

Property Name

Specifies which metadata property of an asset to be displayed. The dropdown list is populated by all available properties defined in the Assets Metadata Schema ui. Note this selection is ignored if a Computed Property Type is used.

Metadata Type

Specifies the type of metadata that is intended to be displayed. Several types are supported with various formatting options based on the type.

Dialog / Configuration / Metadata Type: Computed

Computed Property Metadata Type - Dialog

A computed property can be selected from the Computed Metadata Properties dropdown. If a computed property is used the Property Name selection is ignored. More information about available computed properties can be found here.

Dialog / Configuration / Metadata Type: Text

Displays the metadata property specified by the Property Name dropdown. No additional formating or evaluation is performed.

Dialog / Configuration / Metadata Type: Date

Date Property Metadata Type - Dialog

Displays the metadata property specified by the Property Name as a date. If the Several date formats are available based on the HTL spec.

HTL Date Formats

  • yyyy-MM-dd
  • yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm
  • yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm a
  • EEE, d MMM y
  • dd MMM.y

Relative Time

In addition to the HTL date formats, Relative Time displays the date in a relative format i.e 2 days ago, 1 year ago.

The relative time is calculated client side using Moment.js library. Since it is calculated client side there is no dispatcher cache considerations. Moment.js library is included via the vendor client library located at /apps/asset-share-commons/clientlibs/vendor/moment.

Dialog / Configuration / Metadata Type: Number

Number Property Metadata Type - Dialog

Displays a long, int or double property as a number. Optionally additional formatting can be specified to customize the rendered display. The available format is based on the HTL spec.

Dialog / Configuration / Metadata Type: Boolean

Boolean Property Metadata Type - Dialog

Displays a boolean metadata property. Author can specify the labels displayed if the property is true or if the property is false. By default Yes and No labels will be used for true and false values.

Technical details

  • Component: /apps/asset-share-commons/components/details/metadata
  • Sling Model: com.adobe.aem.commons.assetshare.components.details.impl.MetadataImpl

Dialog Data Sources

  • Property Name: com.adobe.aem.commons.assetshare.content.impl.datasources.MetadataSchemaPropertiesDataSource
  • Computed Property: com.adobe.aem.commons.assetshare.content.impl.datasources.ComputedPropertiesDataSource

This component allows authors to insert HTL formatting patterns directly. A malformed format can cause an exception and cause the component not to render properly.

This component allows authors to use Computed Properties.