License Agreement Modal Component

  • Component title: License Agreement Modal
  • Component group: Asset Share Commons - modals
  • Released with version 1.0.0

License agreement modal component

Displays the modal used to prompt users to access the asset’s license agreement.

  • The left portion of the modal displays the asset’s thumbnail.
  • The right portion of the modal displays the license agreement.

The License modal is displayed when

  • Licensing is enabled for the asset share via the Search page’s Page Properties
  • And a licensed asset is requested to be downloaded.
  • Or a licensed asset is requested to be added to the cart.

Only if the license is accepted, does the initiating activity (download or add to cart) continue.

License selection

The license text displayed by displaying the web page pointed to via the asset’s xmpRights:WebStatement metadata property.

In effect, each asset defines its own discrete license.


The modal is authored by opening up the license action page (of Action Template type) via AEM’s Site admin.

Each license page should have exactly one License Modal component.

This modal action page must referenced from the Search page’s Page Properties.

Authoring view of the license agreement - Center

The modal displays the placeholder image when being authored.

Dialog / Labels

License agreement dialog

The modal’s title.

Cancel Button Label

The text for the button that rejects and closes the modal.

Download Button Label

The text for the button that accepts the license agreement.

Technical details

  • Component: /apps/asset-share-commons/components/modals/license
  • Sling Model: N/A

An asset is determined to be licensed as it has a non-blank value in [dam:Asset]/jcr:content/metadata@xmpRights:WebStatement.

This value must resolve to a resource in AEM if it starts with a /, indicating and absolute path. If the property value does not start with a / then it is assumed to be a valid external URL.

The property value of the xmpRights:WebStatement is then requested via an iframe in the License Modal for display to users.

An ajax POST call is triggered to load the License modal. The POST method is used to avoid lengthy URI request calls with multiple asset path parameters. The ActionPageServlet is used to load the modal.