Introducing AEM Modernization Tools

A suite of tools to modernize legacy AEM Implementations to the latest features AEM has to offer.

Modernizing Your Existing AEM Sites Codebase

If you are still relying on the Classic UI, using static templates, do not utilize a responsive grid or have Classic (ExtJS) Dialogs, it means that your sites implementation doesn’t make use of many of the latest features of the AEM product.

This site will take you through the process of migrating Experience Manager Sites Pages and jump start your modernization efforts by providing guidance and the tools to reduce the effort needed to modernize your AEM Sites implementations.

Benefits of the suite:
  • Configurable: Each tool has a standard configuration defition which can be used to define rewrites from the simple to complex.
  • Configuration Aware: Only pages, components, or policies with rules will be available for conversion.
  • Extensible: Create custom rules for specific use cases that cannot be handled by the framework.

Learn about the suite!

Configure the Services.


Learn how to configure the available library services to meet your speciifc implementation requirements.

Configure the services
Extend the Library


Out of the box features not able to meet your needs? Here's where you'll find information on extending the library with custom features.

Extend the library