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Details for the annual Magento+Adobe Squashtoberfest community initiative

Squashtoberfest 2019

We are gearing up for Squashtoberfest 2019, and this year we want to include both Magento and Adobe repositories in the fun! In summary:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Good Issues To Tackle?

For Magento repositories, the Community Backlog is a great place to look for issues needing confirmation (Ready for QA column), issues ready for development (Ready for Dev column) or good first issues.

For Adobe repositories, doing a GitHub search for Good First Issues is a good place to look.

What Is The Best Way To Get Involved?

Once you’ve identified an issue you think you can help out with, comment on the issue and mention you’d like to tackle it. Work with the project maintainers to get the issue assigned to you.

How Do I Send A Pull Request?

Each project is different. Your best bet is to read each project’s contribution guidelines - these are usually documented in the project repo as CONTRIBUTING.md (or sometimes it exists under .github/CONTRIBUTING.md). Many projects also have a pull request template enabled, so when you open a pull request, you’ll be presented with a checklist of things to prepare.

How Do I Know If I’ve Qualified?

In November, we will run an analysis on GitHub activity and identify folks who have issued 5 or more pull requests to either Magento or Adobe repositories during the month of October. We will file an issue in this repository, mentioning the qualifying contributors by their handle and asking them to get in touch with the Magento Community Engineering team to share t-shirt size and shipping address with us.

Note that

Where Can I Chat With Other Magento Community Members?

The best place is our Magento Community Engineering Slack! Join by clicking this link.

We are doing essentially the same thing, in the same time frame, in a spirit of solidarity and collaboration, but we are not officially related to Hacktoberfest.

Squashtoberfest 2018