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After the success of last year’s #SQUASHTOBERFEST we are going to do it all again, but this time with a few changes.

What has changed?

Over the year we have gathered your feedback, and we have decided to include QA and DevDocs tasks along with the regular development tasks. The aim of the QA track is to validate issues on GitHub to help improve the health of our backlog, you can find the process flow on our wiki. The DevDocs tasks aim to develop deeper content for the developer community.

What can I get?

This year, if you submit 5 or more pull requests or validate 10 or more issues in the month of October, you will receive one of our #SQUASHTOBERFEST t-shirts.

How to join?

  1. Open the Community Dashboard and take an issue from the TODO column or find any unassigned issue that interests you.
  2. If the issue is not assigned yet, add a comment to the issue with the hashtag, #SQUASHTOBERFEST and we will assign it to you.
  3. Create your own fork of the magento/magento2 repository.
  4. Create a new branch in your fork based on the 2.3-develop branch, or the 2.2-develop branch for 2.2 specific issues.
  5. Fix the issue in your fork and submit your pull request to the 2.3-develop branch.
  6. Please make sure that your pull request description includes a link to the fixed issue(s) and fill in the required sections in the pull request template on GitHub.
  7. If you have any questions, please join us in our slack channel #squashtoberfest.

To contribute to DevDocs, see the contributing guide and GitHub project. If you see something you want to work on, and a DevDocs writer is assigned, it’s still up for grabs!


What if I am new to contribution?

If you are new to contribution then we recommend starting by reading up on our Contribution Guide. Of course you can always reach out to the team if you need further assistance. See this section for all accepted contributions per release line.

What should I do if the issue is already fixed in the 2.2-develop branch?

If the issue is already fixed in 2.2-develop, try to reproduce the issue on the 2.3-develop branch. If the issue is reproducible, submit a pull request to 2.3-develop to port the fix.

Will you count my pull request if I submitted it in October 2018 but it was merged in November 2018?

All pull requests submitted in October 2018 will be counted in the SQUASHTOBERFEST program. We are trying to complete the processing of all pull requests that were submitted in October as quickly as possible, but the review and acceptance process may require additional time to ensure the highest quality fixes.

In which Magento release will my fix be available?

When your fix is merged there will be an automatic message added to the pull request stating the version of Magento that we aim to include your fix in.

Is this part of Hacktoberfest?

This event is run at the same time as Hacktoberfest and has the same requirements on pull requests. This means if you register for Hacktoberfest and complete 5 pull requests you will be eligible for both SQUASHTOBERFEST and Hacktoberfest t-shirts.

You do not have to register for SQUASHTOBERFEST! Submitting PRs and completing ticket validation automatically earns you the t-shirt.

How do I get credit for both issues and PRs?

You submit to earn up to 10 points. Submitted PRs count as 2 and Issues count as 1. If you submit 3 PRs and validate 4 issues, you have your 10 points! Every issue/PR counts from all Magento public repos for special projects, Magento 2 repo, and DevDocs.

I have more questions, how do I get in contact?

Ask in the #SQUASHTOBERFEST channel of the Community Engineering Slack. Or join us on Slack: http://tinyurl.com/engcom-slack