Class PDFProperties

  • public class PDFProperties
    extends Object
    This class represents the metadata of the specified PDF file. It consists of information related to document, pages, security settings etc.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PDFProperties

        public PDFProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • getDocument

        public Document getDocument()
        Returns a Document instance specifying document level properties such as fonts, PDF versions etc.
        A Document instance consisting of document level properties.
      • getSecuritySettings

        public SecuritySettings getSecuritySettings()
        Returns a SecuritySettings instance specifying security settings of the such as encryption algorithm, user and owner passwords etc.
        A SecuritySettings instance consisting of security settings of the PDF.
      • getPages

        public List<Page> getPages()
        Returns a list of Page instances specifying page level properties of the pages from the specified PDF file such as page number, page height etc.
        A List of Page instances.