Class SplitPDFJob

  • public class SplitPDFJob
    extends PDFServicesJob
    A job that splits PDF document into multiple smaller documents by simply specifying either the number of files, pages per file, or page ranges.

    Sample Usage:

                 InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(new File("SOURCE_PATH"));
                 Credentials credentials = new ServicePrincipalCredentials(
                 PDFServices pdfServices = new PDFServices(credentials);
                 Asset asset = pdfServices.upload(inputStream, PDFServicesMediaType.PDF.getMediaType());
                 SplitPDFParams splitPDFParams = new SplitPDFParams().setPageCount(2);
                 SplitPDFJob splitPDFJob = new SplitPDFJob(asset, splitPDFParams);
                 String location = pdfServices.submit(splitPDFJob);
                 PDFServicesResponse<SplitPDFResult> pdfServicesResponse = pdfServices.getJobResult(location, SplitPDFResult.class);
                 List<Asset> resultAssets = pdfServicesResponse.getResult().getAssets();
                 int index = 0;
                 for (Asset resultAsset : resultAssets) {
                     StreamAsset streamAsset = pdfServices.getContent(resultAsset);
    • Constructor Detail

      • SplitPDFJob

        public SplitPDFJob​(Asset asset,
                           SplitPDFParams splitPDFParams)
        Constructs a new SplitPDFJob instance.
        asset - Asset object containing the input file; can not be null.
        splitPDFParams - SplitPDFParams object containing the parameters for splitting the PDF; can not be null.