Example Scenarios

The API Usage section lists simple tasks that can be performed using the Sign APIs. However, you can also use the APIs in other simple to complex signing scenarios as mentioned in this guide.

Creating a Widget

See Create a Widget

Each time a widget is signed by a parent, a separate instance of a document gets created. To get the agreements created using the widget, see Download the Agreement.

Photo Rights

The Sign APIs can also be used for scenarios involving in-person signing. Consider an example wherein you need to get the photo publishing rights of a celebrity. You can use the in-person signing technique to simplify the signing process for the celebrity.

The steps involved are:

  1. Upload a document the document containing the terms and conditions involving photo publishing.

  2. Create an agreement and Get the Signing URL for the agreement. Load the signing URL in a mobile device and get it signed from the celebrity, in-person.

  3. Once the celebrity signs, Download the Agreement.