CSS Custom Filters


CSS Custom Filters bring cinematic visual effects to HTML, using simple CSS syntax. They expand the visual effects and interactivity possible with web content. We think CSS Custom Filters can be both visually pleasing and, perhaps more importantly, provide enhanced user experience by offering very organic and natural user interaction feedback.

With CSS Custom Filters, you can twist, wave, curl, and color your content in any way you like to create effects such as flipping pages, curling corners, paper textures, curtain effects, magnifying glass, or anything else you can express in a shading language.

We have put together a set of demos for you. They showcase some of the concepts we propose with CSS Custom Filters.

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The Custom Filters section in CSS Filters Proposal should serve as the current instructions manual for getting started with CSS Custom Filters.

The "Introducing CSS shaders" article on Adobe Developer Connection is an overview of Custom Filters and their capabilities.

– The Adobe WebKit team

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