Class PageLayout

  • public class PageLayout
    extends Object
    Class for specifying the layout of a page.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PageLayout

        public PageLayout()
        Constructor to initialize a default page layout. The default layout sets the height as 11 inches and width as 8.5 inches.
    • Method Detail

      • setPageSize

        public void setPageSize​(double pageWidth,
                                double pageHeight)
        Sets a custom page size.
        Page size and orientation can also be set using paged media CSS which overrides the SDK Page Layout settings.
        pageWidth - width of the page in inches
        pageHeight - height of the page in inches
      • getPageWidth

        public double getPageWidth()
        Returns the page width in inches.
        page width in inches
      • getPageHeight

        public double getPageHeight()
        Returns the page height in inches.
        page height in inches