Class CSCAuthContext

  • public class CSCAuthContext
    extends Object
    Parameters for representing CSC authorization context.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CSCAuthContext

        public CSCAuthContext​(String accessToken)
        Creates a new CSCAuthContext instance, default value of token type is set as "Bearer".
        accessToken - the access token
      • CSCAuthContext

        public CSCAuthContext​(String accessToken,
                              String tokenType)
        Creates a new CSCAuthContext instance.
        accessToken - the access token
        tokenType - the token type
    • Method Detail

      • getAccessToken

        public String getAccessToken()
        Returns the access token required for CSC based services.
        CSC Provider access token
      • getTokenType

        public String getTokenType()
        Returns the type of access token; supported type is Bearer.
        token type