PDF Library Documentation

The SDK library is rapidly evolving. While most of the documentation remains unchanged, see the following tables for the latest details.

PDFL docs

There are tow primary resources: The SDK documentation and the API Reference.

  • SDK documentation: The online core documentation provides details about:

    • The PDF Library SDK and its development technologies

    • How to create applications that directly create and manipulate PDF documents

    • Details about PDF technology and recent standardization efforts.

  • PDFL API Reference: The API Reference describes the APIs which help you develop Adobe Acrobat plug-ins and PDF Library applications.

Additional resources


Some of these links point to the last documentation version which either 1) remains current or 2) is waiting for an update. Links will be remapped as documents update.



Release Notes

Change history and known issues


Common developer questions.

PDFL Datasheet

A short overview.

PDFL overview

A quick start guide with a change list and installation instructions.

PDFL Readme

A bug list and change history.

Legacy documentation

Deprecated documentation is not available online. For access to other versions of the developer documentation, contact acrobat-sdk-users@adobe.com.