The Data object is the representation of an embedded file or data stream that is stored in the document. See the PDF Reference for details.

Using Data objects is a good way to associate and embed source files, metadata, and other associated data with a document. Data objects can be inserted from the external file system, queried, and extracted.

See the following Doc properties and methods:

createDataObject, dataObjects, exportDataObject, getDataObject, importDataObject, removeDataObject, openDataObject, getDataObjectContents, and setDataObjectContents.

The following objects, properties and methods support PDF portfolios (also called PDF collections or PDF packages):

app.newCollection, Doc.collection, Collection object, and collectionField object

Note:The Data object methods were implemented in Acrobat 5.0. However, the ability to use them in Adobe Reader with additional usage rights only became available in Adobe Reader 6.0.