The SDK library is rapidly evolving. While most of the documentation remains unchanged, see the following tables for the latest details. Note that many of the details remain the same, and you may refer to the existing Acrobat SDK documentation.

2021 docs

Acrobat SDK library



2015 doc

Release Notes

Links, change history, known issues


SDK Overview

Overview, choosing a development methodology, differences between Acrobat and Reader, example features, FAQ


Acrobat SDK Samples Guide

A guide to the sample code included with the Acrobat DC SDK.


Developing plugins and Applications

Developing plugins for Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, as well as for PDF Library applications.


Extending the Acrobat SaveAsXML Plugin

Enabling Acrobat DC to save documents in a customized text-based format.


Interapplication Communication Developer Guide

Using DDE, OLE, Apple events, and AppleScript to control the app and to render Adobe PDF documents, including detailed descriptions of DDE, OLE, Apple event, and AppleScript APIs for controlling the app or for rendering PDF documents.


Acrobat JavaScript Developer Guide

Using JavaScript to develop and enhance standard workflows in Acrobat DC and Acrobat DC Reader.


Acrobat JavaScript API Reference

Detailed descriptions of JavaScript APIs for developing and enhancing workflows in Acrobat DC and Acrobat DC Reader.


Acrobat 3D Annotations JavaScript API Reference

Detailed descriptions of JavaScript APIs for adding interactivity to 3D annotations within PDF documents.


Snippet Runner Cookbook

Prototyping code without the overhead of writing and verifying a complete plugin or application.


Acrobat Tracker

Using RSS to track remote resources in an occasionally-connected environment.


Acrobat Distiller API Reference

Detailed descriptions of APIs for controlling Acrobat Distiller for PDF file creation.


Adobe PDF Creation Settings

Specifying settings for the creation of PDF files.


pdfmark Reference

A detailed description of an extension to the PostScript language which allows the description of PDF features not found in standard PostScript.


PDF Accessibility API Reference

Detailed descriptions of the APIs for using assistive technology with PDF documents.


Batch Sequences

Using JavaScript to perform repetitive operations on a collection of files.


Acrobat API Reference

A description of the APIs which help you develop Adobe Acrobat plug-ins and PDF Library applications.


Downloading and searching docs

You can download all of the PDF docs and search the doc set on your computer:

  1. Download a zip of all PDF docs.

  2. Unzip the docs.

  3. Open Acrobat and choose Edit > Advanced Search.



The HTML content links point to the previous version of the documentation which either 1) remains current and/or 2) is waiting for an update. Links will be remapped as new documents roll out.

2015 HTML docs (12.x)

While the previous docs are now deprecated, 98% of the information is identical and remains online. If you use it, keep it mind it does not contain the latest information, and references to Unix, LiveCycle, and other deprecated features have not been removed.

11.x and earlier documentation

Deprecated documentation (11.x and earlier) is not available online. For access to other versions of the developer documentation, contact