Spry Documentation

There are several places you can go to find documenation on Spry:

Spry docs on Labs: This is the latest and greatest documentation provided directly from the Spry team. You will find a copy of these docs included in your Spry download. Latest versions are located online. The TOC for these documents is located below on this web page. Bold is a new file.

Spry LiveDocs: This is the official Adobe docs for Spry. Our learning resources department has reviewed and edited these docs for readability. This is a good place to get polished documentation consistent with other Adobe products and provides the ability to add comments which will be reviewed by the team. Note: The current version of LiveDocs is for Spry 1.5.

Spry Developer's Center: The developer center contains articles about Spry and related techologies. These articles are posted by the Spry team and by 3rd parties.

Getting Started with Spry

If you are new to Spry, we suggest you start with these:

Spry 1.6 Overview

Working With Data

Working with Widgets

Working with Effects