Chronikis Quick-Start Docker Image

Since Chronikis installation is still rather involved, we have created a Docker image that has RStan, Chronikis, and Jupyter notebook installed, along with an “Example” subdirectory containing an example notebook, Chronikis model, and data:

To run the notebook:

  1. Install Docker.
  2. From your command line: docker run --rm -p 8888:8888 adobe/chronikis:stancon2019a.
  3. The above will start up a docker containing containing Chronikis and Jupyter, and print out for you a URL to access Jupyter from your browser. The URL will look something like http://
  4. Once you’re accessing Jupyter from your browser, click on the Example folder. This folder contains the notebook, example data, and an example Chronikis program.
  5. In the Example folder, click on the notebook meantemp_model.ipynb.