Working with JavaScript and named flows

The article flow does NOT fit in the region chain.

Hint: resize the browser window and check out the JavaScript source code of this page.

Named flows created from CSS have a corresponding DOM object. This object has a reference to its content elements and it can tell they fit completely into the region chain.

Code sample

var flow = document.getNamedFlows()['article']
    flow.contentNodes // NodeList
    flow.overset // boolean

'flow' is an instance of NamedFlow

A named flow is represented by a NamedFlow object. The document.getNamedFlows() method returns a NamedFlowCollection object – individual named flows can be retrieved either by index or by name from this collection.

The contentNodes property references a NodeList of elements which are collected into the named flow.

The NamedFlow object has a boolean property called overset. If the flow's content fits completely in the region chain then the value of overset is false, otherwise it is true.