Spry Rating Widget Graceful Degradation Sample

This page shows how to create a Rating widget to gracefull degrade in pages with Java Script disabled. It requires PHP scripting enabled on the server.
Please disable the Java Script for your browser and see how the Rating widget will behave.

For graceful degradation we added inside the main Rating widget container an input element that will get in action when Java Script is off allowing you to rate and send the rated values to the server. If Java Script is enabled the input elements you add for graceful degradation are hidden by default, becoming visible only in pages with Java Script disabled.

To have your page working also when Java Script is off and still be able to send your rate to the server, you have to include your Rating widget inside a form and provide a submit button to send the data.
You can use any input element for graceful degradation: text input, select input, radio input.

With Java Script off you can't change the rating value because the input field is readonly. (You have to add by hand the "readonly" attribute on the textfield.)
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When Java Script is off, the textfield below allows you to change the initial rate.
Thanks for your rating!