Menu Bar Samples

This page gives examples of how to style menu bars differently.

This is a standard horizontal menu bar. The top level menu items are next to each other from left to right, then all other submenu items are stacked vertically.

This is a standard vertical menu bar. All menu items are stacked vertically.

You can navigate through the menu's items using also navigation keys. The default key for navigation are the Up/Down and Right/Left keys, but you can specify any key for navigation.

This is a menu bar with a background image rather than just background color for each menu item.

This is a menu bar with wider menu items.

This is a menu bar with menu items that only take up the space they need and are not a fixed width.

This is a menu bar which uses another icon to describe when there is a submenu and positions it on the left side of the text.

This is a menu bar which uses icons to call out certain menu items.

The next menu have different background colors depending the itmes level.

This example shows how to use background images for each item level.