Data Set Explorer

This file allows you to set the values to create a Spry XML data set and the see the end results of the data set. It will parse the XML scheme and then display the tree. Clicking on a node in the tree will show the resultant data set. This will allow you to quickly visualize and confirm your data set info.

Place this file in the same directory as the Spry file you are creating. That way the information you will use to create the data set will be the same as the data entered here.

For GET, enter a relative path to the XML file you wish to parse. By default, the field is set to explore an XML file we included in the download of Spry.
For POST, set the URL and the POST Data. Change the content type if needed. POST data is formatted as usual: name1=value1&name2=value2.
The Data Set Constructor code will show you the exact code needed to produce the displayed data set.

1. Set the request parameters your XML source, then hit the "Load Schema" button:


2. Click on a Schema list item, in the green area below, to generate a data set: