Product Demos

These versions use progressive enhancement, unobtrusive javascript or graceful degradation as code samples for these best practices techniques.

Products Demo

Original Product Table

This demo uses a XML Data Set as the data source for the product info. Spry attributes are inline. Useful as an intro to Spry concepts.

Products Demo, HTML Data Set

Using an internal HTML data set to degrade gracefully. It allows for different layouts with common data. This is also good for search engine optimization, since the content is on the page.

Products Demo, Hijax sample

This sample uses the Hijax methodology to supoort graceful degradation when javascript is not available.


Note: Due to limitations of Safari 2.0, we have not presented a demo that unobtrusively attaches Spry attributes. This is because Safari does not handle adding namespaced attribute. It appears that Safari 3 has solved that limitation. We do have a sample of this technique here and here. Unobtrusively adding Spry attributes is useful when page validation is important.